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Here at Summer Houses Essex we provide an extensive range of Summer Houses which can be used for many purposes including Games Rooms, Home Offices, Hobby Rooms and even extra living space. Not only do we offer very pretty Summer Houses at great prices that compliment any garden but our buildings are manufactured to high standards. Our flexible approach is also very helpful for customers as we can change the buildings to suite individual requirements or build a totally Bespoke Summer House from scratch. We can also provide our Garden buildings in Garden Office specifications which includes Lining and Insulation

Summer Houses Garden Offices Bespoke Garden Summer Houses

Summer Houses

Garden Offices

Bespoke Buildings

Our Summer Houses.. Select from one of our quality exclusive buildings manufactured by us


Our Garden Offices..  Our Garden Offices are built in our own workshop and supplied at fantastic prices


Our Bespoke service.. We can build to your requirements at a cost you will find hard to beat

Summer Houses Essex

About Summer Houses Eseex... Some of Our Summer Houses...Click Image to see Product...

Summer Houses... All of the Summer Houses we produce are hand built to high standards using quality materials by craftsmen at our workshop in Hockley. We use pressure treated (tanalised) timber as standard plus there is the option to have the buildings treated in a colour of your choice. There are many styles to choose from including Corner Buildings, all of which we have carefully designed to suit virtually any garden setting or space you may have. We are also very flexible if you require any changes to the standard designs of the Summer Houses, so if you want something added, taken out, moved or perhaps a different size then all you have to do is ask. We also provide a bespoke service (see Below) to build to customers own designs and specifications. So no matter what your requirements may be, Summer Houses Essex will be able to help. View The Summer Houses...

Garden Offices... The specifications and quality of the Garden Offices that are manufactured here at the workshop we think you will find hard to beat. They come as standard with 25mm x 125mm Tanalised Cladding, Double Glazing (with UPVC Windows and Doors if preferred at an extra cost), High Quality Insulation to the walls roof and floor, Internal lining and Delivered. Installation can also be added in certain areas depending on distance from our workshop. Not only that but you can also include the Summer Houses Essex new base system, so you don't even need a pre laid base to have the Garden Office put on to. Plus the walls of the Garden Offices have more layers than most companies use, giving you a superior building at an unbelievably low price. Visit the Garden Offices Section.

Bespoke Garden Buildings...Whatever you require, be it a Garden Office, Garage, one of the specially designed Summer Houses or any other Garden Building, we are always happy to help. With many years experience in the Garden Building industry and quality craftsmen in the workshop, Summer Houses Essex will be able to manufacture virtually any shape, size, design or specification you require. The friendly and helpful team are always happy to help and discuss anything with you. New this year we also have a package where you can choose a style of building and place windows and doors anywhere you need them for a set package price. For more information see Bespoke Garden Buildings Page.

Garden Storage Add on... NEW THIS YEAR!!!!You can now buy our storage add on's to enhance the functionality of your garden room. We can supply any size to suit all of your storage needs, From bikes, tools, Filing cabinets, or even an out door loo for your garden office (Please note: We do not fit toilets). Storage add on's can be fitted to all of our buildings including Summer Houses and Garden Offices you can also choose between single or double doors and even specify exactly where you want the storage positioned, for example on a side wall with front facing doors or you can have it hidden away behind your building so from the front no-one would even know it was there. Some things are just meant to be put together like a house with a garage, a storage add on with a garden room is a perfect combination......

Summer Houses Under 2.5 metres HighOur Summer Houses... are built to under 2.5 metres ridge height so in most cases planning permission is not required

The Chelsea Flower Show
French Corner Summer House at the Chelsea Flower Show 1 French Corner Summer House at Chelsea
The Chelsea Flower Show... was a great opportunity when our French Corner Summer House was chosen for one of the Garden's there. It was a fantastic event for us to participate in... To see more pictures and news Click the Images or HERE..

New This Year... New This Year...

Tanalised Timber As Standard... Tanalised or also known as Pressure Treated is a process where Timber is impregnated with Tanalith E wood preservative which protects agains rot, decay and Insect attack giving your building added protection and meaning it will last. We have always used Tanalised Timber for some parts of our Summer Houses but now we are using it on Our Floors, Framework, Wall Cladding and Roofs. The Painting Service we offer is not affected either as we can still paint your Building in the colour combinations of your choice giving you major protection in the Timber throughout but still in fantastic colours.

Base Installation... is somthing that we have decided to add to our services in certain areas. In the past we have been asked many times about providing Bases for Our Summer Houses and Garden Offices so this year the Base Installation Service is something that is now being offered to our customers. We are using a Fantastic Product that consists of a Tanalised Timber Frame that sits on adjustable levelling feet. This System can be Installed on uneaven or sloping ground and has the benefit of keeping your Building out of direct ground contact and laying water.

Please Contact Us For More Details...

French Corner Summer House 2 Door Corner Summer Houses
The French Corner Summer House... The 2 Door Corner Summer House...

Corner Summer Houses The Corner Cottage Summer House
The Corner Summer House... The Corner Cottage Summer House...

The Chateau Summer House Bungalow Summer Houses
The Chateau Summer House... The Bungalow Summer House...

The Pavillion Summer House The Alfresco Summer House
The Pavillion Summer House... The Alfresco Summer House...

The New England Summer House The Double Summer House
The New England Summer House... The Double Bungalow Summer House...

The Lodge Summer House Cottage Summer House
The Lodge Summer House... The Cottage Summer House...


The Retreat Summer House Seating Area Add On For Summer Houses
The Retreat Summer House... Add a Seating Area or store...

Contemporary Summer House Modern Corner Summer House
The Contemporary Summer House... The Modern Corner Summer House...

Victorian Corner Summer House Bespoke Summer Houses
The Victorian Corner Summer House... Bespoke Summer Houses and Garden Buildings...

We can build almost anything to order... so if you do not see exactly what you want please call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. The Summer House designs can also be altered to suite your needs for example windows and doors can be added, removed and placed where you require them.


We can build garden offices, garages, porches, games rooms, music studio's, stables and Timber frame house extensions from a basic lined and insulated building to a building that meets building regulations covering every aspect of the build.    If you require something that isn't mentioned please contact us as we can still probably help, Our staff have many years experience in the building trade and work to very high standards, we also have a fully qualified electrician so we can handle every aspect of your build or if you prefer we can supply any building in kit form so you can use your own builders.

All our Summer House are available with Modern Plain or Georgian Style Windows and Doors plus we can remove or add windows from the designs